ToughTek M680a Mortar Pump ToughTek M680a Mortar Pump
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M680 Mortar Sprayer Package

Maximum Working Pressure

1000 psi

Maximum Air Inlet Pressure

100 psi

Minimum Inlet Air Flow (Typical)

30 standard cubic feet per minute

Minimum Inlet Air Flow (Pump Only)

8 scfm per gallon at 100 psi

Pressure Ratio (Fluid to Air)


Air Motor Piston Diameter

7.5 in.

Stroke Length

4.75 in.

Lower Output

41.9 cu. in. per cycle

Flow Rate at 30 cycles per minute

5.44 gpm

Flow Rate at 60 cycles per minute

10.88 gpm

Air Inlet Size

3/4 npt(f) (Chicago Fitting)

Fluid Inlet Size

2 in. Cam Groove (Male)

Fluid Outlet Size

1 npt(f) with a 1 in. Cam and Groove Fitting

Weight (without fluid)

250 lb, (with 25 ft of 1 in. hose and 10 ft of 3/4 in. hose)

Sound Pressure

118 dB(A)*

Sound Power

118 dB(A)*



44.5 in.


27.5 in.

Depth (pump on cart only)

32 in.

Deep (pump on cart with hopper)

37 in.

Maximum Pump Speed, Do not exceed maximum recommended pump speed of fluid pump to prevent premature pump wear)


40 cycles per minute (typically less than 10 cycles per minute)


60–90 cycles per minute (only when pumping flushing fluid)

Wetted Parts

Entire System

Stainless steel, UHMWPE, nylon, plated steel, anodized aluminum, FX-75


Stainless steel, carbide, PTFE, UHMWPE, solvent-resistant o-rings

Hose Kits

Nylon core, plated carbon steel fittings, anodized aluminum, nitrile gaskets


* Spraying simulated acoustical texture under typical conditions as specified by the material manufacturer.


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